The Most Cost Effective RV Holding Tank Treatment

So, you want the most effective way to get rid of your RV holding tank odor?

Here’s our breakdown on the real cost of maintaining your RV holding tanks.

Should You Use Chemical Holding Tank Treatments?

If you’re here, you’ve probably already come across dozens of great articles debating the best and most cost effective methods for dealing with the most unwelcome odors that emanate from your RVs’ holding tanks.

Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatments fall in line with the GEO method getting rid of black and gray holding tank odors. Happy Campers is both sensitive to your holding tanks yet effective at eliminating odors.

Many RVers debate that the GEO method is not only safer and more environmentally friendly than harsh chemical treatments, but it’s more cost effective too. I personally don’t feel that there’s much of a debate between using Happy Campers or the GEO Method with the alternative of using chemical treatments that simply attempt to mask odor and more often than not decrease the effectiveness of the bacteria working to break down the contents of your holding tank.

In fact, many deodorant/sanitizers do more harm than good. Many of you are already aware that formaldehyde is a common ingredient in holding tank sanitizers; which just kills a septic system.

“When you change out the holding tanks, it goes into the septic systems of these parks and if you have formaldehyde in there, it will kill the bacteria. That, in turn, kills the septic system and kills the leach field, then you’ve got bigger problems than you know,”
– Ralph Wooddell, production manager and co-owner of Chempace Corp.
One thing I couldn’t agree with more is a great point made by Andy J in his post on, in which he states;

“A healthy septic system uses bacteria to digest the solids and then the ‘clear’ water is dispersed via field line or sprinklers to be absorbed by the soil. Your RV holding tanks are not a septic system. They are holding tanks — just like a chamber pot.”

Happy Campers Compared to the GEO Method for holding tank treatment and maintenance.

Happy Campers holding tank treatment may just be more cost effective than you think.


Let’s not beat around the bush…

I’ve read all the GEO method articles and DIY posts on how to use home ingredients to stop unwanted odors coming from your RV holding tanks.

Here is my take on two great methods:

1. The GEO Method uses water softener, detergent and bleach.  These ingredients are safe household chemicals that will not harm your septic tank and will eliminate odors and keep your tank clean.

2. Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment has no formaldehyde. It is safe, clean, easy to use.



The Facts:

1. Based on a product to product comparison the everyday household ingredients used in the GEO method add up to more than you can buy the Happy Campers holding tank treatment or the Happy Campers Extreme Cleaner for.

2. I don’t want to be a home chemist. When I’m traveling I find it’s far quicker and easier to use the Happy Campers’ scoop rather than measuring out several different ingredients to treat my tanks.

3. 1 Scoop (Approx. 1 Ounce) of Happy Campers Treats 40 Gallons in a black holding tank and Costs about $.67 per treatment.

The Happy Campers Challenge:

We ask you to compare Happy Campers Treatment with anything else available in terms of it’s effectiveness in eliminating your RV Holding tank odor. Then… compare the price and we think you’ll also see the value in the Happy Campers product.